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The Bulkley Valley Regional Pool and Recreation Center has a variety of programs to choose from.

Check the Fall 2018 Recreation Guide for Program Times and Dates.

Programs may be canceled up to one week prior to start date.  Please register soon to ensure programs will run.


Junior Lifeguard Club

Kids learn attitudes and skills that could one day save a life- their life, or someone else's.  The Junior Lifeguard Club (JLC) is designed to let kids participate in activities similar to those of real lifeguards- in a safe, fun and controlled setting.  But just as important, kids experience teamwork and a sense of belonging.   JLC`er must be able to swim 25 meters and tread water for 1 minute. 

Summer Camp     

M-F       11:15-12:15pm    Aug 20 - 31     $70/10 sessions

Bonus JLC Summer Club  

Tuesdays 3:30-5pm  FREE for all Junior Lifeguards since Fall 2017! Registration required, call the pool!

Sep 24-Dec 3   Mondays (no class Oct 8)    3:30-5pm    $84.55/10 sessions


NEW Senior Lifeguard Club 13-16years old

Sep 22-Dec 15    Saturdays (no class Oct 6)   9-10:30am   $101.50/12 sessions

Bronze Star (12+)

This program is designed for those wishing to attend the Bronze Medallion program, but not yet 13 years old. This program teaches the basics of lifesaving techniques, CPR, and first aid.

Add your name to the interest list.

Call for more information 250-847-4244


Bronze Medallion (13+) 

This lifesaving program is the first step to becoming a lifeguard.  It enhances lifesaving techniques that can be used in the general public, at the lake, or in a park. The Bronze Medallion program is a pre-requisite for the Bronze Cross program.

Oct 13, 14, 20 & 21     Sat/Sun   12:30-6pm    $236/4 sessions

Bronze Cross (14+)

Bronze Cross is a prerequisite for the NLS program. This jam-packed program will increase strength in the water in order to have an effective rescue, it builds on the knowledge learned from the Bronze Medallion Program, and will enhance judgment in and around the water.

Nov 16,17, 23 & 24   Fridays  16th: 5-9pm, 23rd: 9-3pm  Sautrdays 1-7pm  $170/4 sessions

PLEASE always PRE-REGISTER at least 1 week before start date. 250-847-4244


Water Safety Instructor (15+)

The courses to become a Red Cross Swimming Instructor.  It focuses on teaching methods, safety supervision, and swimming stroke progressions. Candidates must have completed Swim Kids 10 or equivalent swimming strokes and attend a Skills screening.  The second part is an online study course (approx 20 hours) focuses on planning lessons for all ages and evaluating abilities according to the Red Cross skill criteria. This online component is then followed by in water Teaching experience.   Once Experience is complete candidates attend the final session for in Pool and Classroom evaluation. 

Water Safety Instructor Factsheet

WSI Recertification:   Add your name to the interest list.

Call for more information 250-847-4244


CPR- Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (level C)

Learn CPR for children, infants and adults, dealing with airway obstruction, and the primary survey beneficial to all types of first aids. This program will also introduce AED- Automated External Defibrillation. It discusses the practicality of an AED unit, how to use it, and when the AED will deliver a 'shock.'

December 8                Saturday           9-5:30pm               $115.00

Recertification:     November 3    Saturday    9-1pm     $50

SFA- Standard First Aid (with CPR C)

In addition to CPR C, candidates learn how to deal with victims suffering from broken bones, bleeding, types of burns, and many other medical emergencies. This program is a pre-requisite to the NLS program.

December 8 & 9        Saturday & Sunday         9-5:30pm            $250.00

Recertification:      November 3   Saturday      9-1pm      $95

PLEASE always PRE-REGISTER at least 1 week before start date. 250-847-4244


LSI- Lifesaving Instructors (16+)

This is the program that will allow candidates to instruct the Bronze Program.  It focuses on delivering the teaching method to lifesaving candidates taking the Bronze programs. Allows the candidate to teach Junior Lifeguard Club, Rookie Patrol Program, Swim@School, Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion, and Bronze Cross.

September 1-3    Saturday - Monday    8:30-5:30pm     $350/3 sessions

Call for more information 250-847-4244


NL- National Lifeguard Award

This is the last step needed to become a lifeguard. The focus of this course is to teach the candidates prevention of aquatic related accidents via facility analysis, recognition of the different related emergencies and the importance of practice.  Candidates must have a CPR (current within one year), SFA (current within 2 years, and have passed the Bronze Cross program.

Next NL course:  Aug 23 - 25 & Aug 30 - Sep 1    Thu - Sat    10am-6pm   $500.00

PLEASE always PRE-REGISTER at least 1 week before start date. 250-847-4244

To learn more about these programs and many others view our  Fall 2018 Rec Guide contact us for more details.

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