NEW Weekend Swim Blocks

There are now Swim BLOCKS on Saturday and Sunday, 12-1pm, 1-3pm,  3:30-5:30pm and 5:30-7pm.

Pre-register in Public Swim Time Spots!

NEW: Swim Blocks on the weekend will be:

12-1pm – Lap & Leisure *ends at 1pm

1-3pm – Public Swim *reservable

3:30-5:30pm – Public Swim *reservable

5:30-7pm – Lap & Leisure (toonie on Saturday)

Public Swims have up to 30 reserved spots and can be booked here: Book a Public Swim Block   After the first 30 minutes of the reserve Swim Block, those not in attendance forfeit their booking.  The Laps and Leisure time blocks are first come first serve, drop-in basis, NOT reservable. 

Upon arrival at the facility, there will be two lines for check-in, one for drop-in, and one for pre-registration/membership scans. 

The Public swim time Blocks are released two weeks in advance.

Gym users can drop in and not be counted towards the pool headcount and also workout through the transition times (but the gym is still closed from 3-3:30pm). Pool access will only be available if there is space, or a spot is pre-booked.

Our goal for the scheduled Swim Blocks is to have the pool accessible for more hours of operation for the community.  However, to do this, there is a limited capacity on our swims based on staffing levels.  The normal capacity for Public Swims will be up to 74 people (including Birthday Party bookings).  On occasion, these swims could be further reduced, if a staff member is sick, for instance, and no coverage is found.    

These changes will take some time for staff and guests to get used to. We ask and appreciate your patience as we move forward with these changes. We are open to any feedback from the public after experiencing the new time block on weekends.