About Us

The Bulkley Valley Regional Pool and Recreation Centre is a not-for-profit facility that is operated by staff under the direction of the Bulkley Valley Aquatic Centre Management Society’s Board of Directors.

The Society and Staff operate the building under an agreement with the Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako who owns the building and the land.  An annual tax grant is provided from the Town of Smithers, Village of Telkwa and Rural Area “A” and is distributed through the Regional District.  This tax grant provides about 65% of the operation budget, and the rest is generated from user pay services and programs.

Mission Statement

The Bulkley Valley Regional Pool & Recreation Centre endeavours to provide high quality leisure, health and wellness, fitness and sport services to residents of the Bulkley Valley Area. We also endeavour to provide access for all people during open hours.


The Bulkley Valley Regional Pool and Recreation Centre is a community-based, family-oriented facility. After almost two decades of planning and fundraising, it was constructed in 1990 at a cost of $1.7 million. The community raised all of the construction funds, and another $0.5 million of in-kind donations. The Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako owns the land upon which the facility is built, the building, and all of the capital equipment. The facility was incorporated on July 24, 1990 and received its occupancy permit on December 18, 1990. The grand opening was December 23, 1990. 

The Board

The Bulkley Valley Aquatic Centre Management Society(BVACMS) consists of a Board of Directors with up to nine volunteers whom assist in the planning and overseeing of the financials of the facility. The Board of Directors meets with the Facility Manager, the Facility Programmer, Finance Supervisor, and Maintenance Supervisor as required, once a month on designated meeting dates. 

Pool Advisory Committee

The Pool Advisory Committee is comprised of representatives from the Town of Smithers, Rural Area “A”, Village of Telkwa and BVACMS member.   The role of the committee is to oversee long-term planning, ensure fiscal responsibility, set taxation levels and report back to their communities.   This Advisory Board meets quarterly with BV Pool management and Regional District staff.   The committee reports to the Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako Board of the Whole and help directs decisions to the Regional District.  They conduct the quarterly meeting and are governed by By-law 1350.  

The staff TEAM

This is the crew that makes all the magic happen.

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