Facility Function Review Study

In the summer of 2021, the Bulkley Valley Aquatic Centre Management Society started the process of a Facility Function and Program Review Study. You can find more info and a copy of the report in this article.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR INPUT!    Update: June 2022

In the summer of 2021, the Bulkley Valley Aquatic Centre Management Society ("Society") started the process of a Facility Function and Program Review Study. The goal of the study was to identify gaps and areas for improved service and recommend new and enhanced potential for programming and services. The society is aware that with an aging facility it is important to continually make facility improvements and plan for the future.

The report was presented to the Society's Board, Senior Staff, and the Pool Committee in March of 2022.

The study identified 3 phases for potential improvement based on public, staff, and stakeholder input.
Phase 1: expansion out the front of the building to include a new enlarged Fitness Room, and reconfiguring and modernizing the entry, lobby and administrative areas of the building.
Phase 2: Pool expansion, new changerooms, improvements to the existing leisure pool and additional multipurpose spaces.
Phase 3: a full-size community gymnasium.

The full report can be viewed here: Facility Function Report Phase 1

The first focus will be Phase 1; Phase 2 and 3 are long-term concept ideas.

The Pool Society is excited to start the planning for Phase 1; to expand and modernize the building and continue to invest in our facility and community. Expanding out the front of the building and moving the fitness room from across the pool deck will create a space with more capacity and opportunity. The new fitness room, a 1,100 square feet space, will be able to be open when the pool is not, increasing access and hours of operations. The more spacious space will open access for those with mobility challenges and offer more free moving space for floor work. The front desk area will be moved and re-organized to create central access and control point, and lower counters for children and those limited to a wheelchair will be more accessible and welcoming. There will be an improvement to the overall facility flow with an enlarged boot room and lobby areas creating opportunities for casual social gatherings. The conversion of the existing fitness studio to a multi-purpose space will create a much-needed classroom for courses, space for birthday parties, community rentals and fitness programs, creating more programming capacity. The improvement to administrative spaces will increase efficiencies and organization for the staff team, creating space for the team to serve you, the public, better.

We wish to thank everyone who participated in the survey and open house, hearing your concerns, and ideas for improvement is important to us.

If you are interested in being involved in this project, the Society is seeking new board members and will be forming a Phase 1 planning and fundraising working group. Please contact bvacmsdirectors@bvpool.com or feedback@bvpool.com to get involved, or for more information.

Thank you,
BVACM Society and BV Regional Pool & Recreation Staff team