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Tue/Thu morning is back with Gentle Fit  Tu/Th:  10:15-11am. 

This is a low-impact class that is gentle on the knees and hips and will improve your range of motion, core strength and flexibility. Ideal for beginners, prenatal, injury recovery and prevention, or those looking for a steady approach to getting into shape.

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Here is a How to register in a program!

senior fitnessEveryBODY Workout - with Lauri

EveryBODY Workout -designed to give ALL AGES and FITNESS LEVELS a safe, fun, full-body workout! Starts with a warm-up progressing to a combination of muscular strengthening & low impact cardio and ends with stretching. This class will help improve your aerobic fitness, muscular strength, flexibility, joint mobility & posture. Modifications are available and guaranteed to make you smile!

Dates: Jan 10-Feb 9         Tu/Th       8:30-9:30am       $179.85/12 sessions

            Feb 14-Mar 9         Tu/Th       8:30-9:30am       $179.85/12 sessions

Register online:  my account or  Call for more information at 250-847-4244


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Pilates Cardio Fusion

Enjoy this full-body toning workout that incorporates Pilates, Cardio and Strength Training exercises while focusing on core strengthening, flexibility and posture! Get your heart rate up and have fun with this HITT workout! Props will be used to challenge stability and to increase recruitment.

Date: TBD Tu/Th  12-1pm   $195.00/12sessions

Register online:  my account or  Call for more information at 250-847-4244



Fitness Studio Orientation

Not sure how to use the equipment in the weight room?  Book a Fitness Studio Orientation and become more familiar with the machines, so you can use them all on your own. 


Register online: my account or call 250-847-4244!



Personal Training

Personal Training - not available

Get yourself the structure and motivation you need to reach your goals.

A full consultation, Goal setting, Initial fitness assessment, Personalized programs

Private Sessions (one-on-one)
1 session/week    $590.00       14 sessions
2 sessions/week  $1081.00     28 sessions
Private Sessions (two-on-two)
1 session/week    $885.00       14 sessions
2 sessions/week  $1620.00     28 sessions

Call us for more information or to book your sessions at 250-847-4244! 

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