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AS of July 12 Covid protocol have been lifted for programs.  


Whether you’re a parent wishing to enrol your child in swimming lessons, a teen who is interested in becoming a better swimmer, or an athlete wanting to better your best time BV Pool has the programs for you.  We are proud to offer the Red Cross Water Safety Swimming Program that offers a variety of swimming lessons for beginners to advanced, and babies to seniors.

For in-depth details about each level see: Red Cross Swim Level Guide

Rec Cross Preschool Levels at a glance


Supervised play. The instructor leads you and your child through songs and games.


Duck/Sea Turtle

Supervised play. The instructor leads you and your child through songs and games.


Sea Otter

Orientation to water and facility.



Safety rules, assisted entries, chest deep-water activities, floats & glides rhythmic breathing, 2m swim



Safety rules, unassisted entries, chest deep-water activities, floats & glides rhythmic breathing, distance 5m swim



PFD and Me deep water, rhythmic breathing 10 consecutive times, surface support 10 sec, side glides and kick 1m, distance 10m swim



Kicking Drills, surface support 20 sec, front crawl 7m, continuous swim 10m


Red Cross School Age Swimming Levels

Swim Kids 1

Orientation to water and facility. Front & back Floats Distance Swim 5m.

Swim Kids 2

Safety rules, unassisted entries, deep-water activities (assisted), side glide and kick 3m (assisted) rhythmic breathing, 10m swim

Swim Kids 3

Surface support 20 sec, sitting dives, front/side glide combinations, front crawl 5m distance 15m swim

Swim Kids 4

Kneeling dives, surface support 45 sec, front crawl 10m, distance swim 25m

Swim Kids 5

Tread water 1 min, stride dive, front and back crawl, intro to whip kick on back, distance swim 50m

Swim Kids 6

Sculling, Front Dives, front and Back crawl, intro to elementary back stroke, distance 75m swim

Swim Kids 7

Choking (partial & complete) eggbeater, front and back crawl, intro whip kick on front, distance 150m swim

Swim Kids 8

Stride dives, rescue breathing, eggbeater 3 mins, surface dives, intro to breaststroke, distance 300m swim

Swim Kids 9

Wise choices and peer influence, self-rescue (ice), shallow dives, distance 400m

Swim Kids 10

Sun smart, sidestroke, surface dives with underwater swim, next steps, strokes, distance 500m swim


Red Cross Swimming Lessons for Teens and Adults

Swimming Basics 1

Want some help in learning the basics of swimming?  Let our Red Cross certified instructors help you get comfortable in the water, both on your front and back.

Swimming Basics 2

Comfortable in the water but want to work more on your technique?  Let our Red Cross certified instructors help you improve your body position, kick, timing, and to help develop strong strokes.

Stroke Development

Not quite ready for Masters, but comfortable swimming several lengths at a time?  Our stroke clinics focus on improving the efficiency and power of your strokes, while building endurance and working toward achieving your personal fitness goals.

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